Its regular photography by candid photographer/videographer… In Candid photography the photographer attempts to capture moments without grabbing much attention of the subject. That way we are able to capture some wonderful emotions without the subject's knowledge.

If you have ever browsed through traditional wedding albums, you must have noticed how monotonous and similar looking images…..standard stage shots, standard mangalsutra and phere shots posed dulhan shots and standard flash light for everything. Just typical shots to look upon, not your precious moments….. And we're sure you want more than just typical shots of your wedding.

We are not telling you such standard photography is not necessary. But don’t you think, your wedding deserves more than just these standard, typical photography? That’s where we come in. We aren't just photographers….We are artists.

We capture candid moments…. of people lost in an emotion and not posing for the camera, moments when someone laughed or hugged a near and dear one; shed a small happy tear . Years later, when you see your wedding album, the photos you'll love the most are the ones where you revive the real stories, the ones that make you laugh or cry at a memory. And those photographs will most likely have been shot by us. Because in our pictures, you will see the real emotions. Because we are not just another photographer. We are CANDID MOMENTS.

Hopefully that gives you a gist of what candid photography and we're about. While looking for candid photography for your wedding, do keep in mind that we will not be able to shoot candids of each and every guest/relation or friend at the wedding. Though we assure good quality pictures, we focus on the bride, groom, the immediate family and a few key people who you'll point out to us. We will randomly shoot a lot of faces & moments – who you will surely recognize later – but to us, they will all be part of the same entourage and importance.

Our office is located at Borivali, Mumbai and we are always up for a Garam Chai! and some warm discussions.

We do get booked well in advance (some months before). So it’d be a nice idea to not delay that phone call cause our calendar may get booked if you wait longer.

We shoot for whatever time it takes to give you a comprehensive coverage.

Yes we do and we offer a wide range of the same. Drop in at our office, we’d be happy to provide more details.

We work in association with highly professional teams of cinematographers who are very experienced in Indian weddings. I am happy to quote for videography if you feel you need and want a film of your wedding done.

As like question 5, we provide everything that you may ask for and more. Our deliverables include (and our not limited to), all handpicked color corrected pictures, print ready pictures, albums, wedding video trailers, short wedding films, large prints etc.

Below is a the description of the gears used. Please do keep in mind we do not use all our equipment at an event, it all depends on the requirement and the event to be covered.


  • 7D - Canon
  • 5D Mark-II - Canon
  • 600D - Canon
  • 550D - Canon
  • D600 - Nikon


  • 50mm f1.8 - Canon
  • 70-200mm f2.8 - Canon
  • 16-35mm f2.8 - Canon
  • 55-250mm f4-5.6 - Canon
  • 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 - Canon
  • 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 - Canon
  • 24-85mm f3.5-5.6 - Nikon
  • 70-300 f4.5-5.6 - Nikon
  • 105 micro f2.8 - Nikon


  • 430 EX-II - Canon
  • 580 EX-II - Canon
  • SB-910 - Nikon
  • SB-600 - Nikon


  • Elinchrome FRX400 Kit
  • Elinchrome FRX Master Kit

We're based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. But we shoot weddings all over India and that inevitably means travel. Our fees do not include travel and accommodation associated and dependent on the location. We will make the boarding, lodging and travel arrangements. We request you to reimburse the expenses at actuals on the day of the event. If we are unable to make arrangements, we will request your assistance.

Well, now that you've decided to go with a candid wedding photographer, you're assured that memories of your wedding day will be captured well.

But how about the time you both have spent together before the wedding? Getting to know each other, understanding each other and making plans for the life ahead. That's what pre-wedding shoots are about. Sometimes called an Engagement Shoot, Couple Portrait or Outdoor Shoot they all mean the same – Capturing the couple in their casual yet "together" moments.

The pre-wedding shoots are the best opportunity for couples to know each other better (if it's an arranged wedding) and also get to know their "cameraman" better. Candid photographers have our inherent style and once you and we are comfortable with each other it makes for even better pictures.

Wedding days are intense, hectic and often chaotic. If you expect that you'll be able to find time for a "few" stolen moments to shoot some casual couple shots – you're in for a surprise. You'll either not have the time, or will be under pressure on a deadline. And it'll reflect on your faces – which in the end will translate to the pictures. Yes, we can try it, but honestly ... don't expect a lot from it.

We recommend pre-wedding shoots a couple of weeks in advance. Spare the whole day – even if you'll spend only a few hours with us. Enjoy the time off, alone – with the camera being your only guest. And let us take care of the lovely pictures you want. In the house or a hang-out you guys love frequenting.

Here are some tips for a pre-wedding shoot:

Shoots are done mostly outdoors, so we need natural light. Since mid-day light is harsh we always recommend shooting early in the morning and during dusk.

Think about where you want to have your shoot. Keep travel, traffic and time in mind while deciding. Most couples like to cover places that are special to them.

Dress up yet at the same time keep it casual. Also, complement each other in your choice of clothing.

For really nice pictures, we recommend getting your hair done, a facial a couple of days prior, manicure, pedicure, the works (guys...you should do it too). It all makes a difference.

You can then use these pictures on your wedding website, save-the-date cards, thank you cards, wedding day slideshow or even a separate photo-book of just this shoot.

Milestone shoots are exactly what they mean – milestones in your life after you're married. A wedding anniversary (the first or even the sixtieth), about-to-be-parents, just-become-parents, retired and relaxed or a just-like-that family shoot. At your house, or a location you love going to.

The most common requirement we hear from the couples parents is - "every guest and ritual at the wedding must be photographed."

Candid photography is personal to you - the couple. It will give you exceptional images – but only if that's what you asked for. It has its own niche. So if you're convinced about having a candid photographer for your wedding - great! But do take some time to help conventional elders or relatives in your family understand the nature of this photography - that way you get to capture the memories of your wedding but no one is disappointed.

A simple way to avoid heartburn later is to hire a studio photographer for those "important" documentary pictures, which we is also covered by us.

It depends :)

We all hold on to memories because they are the only things that don't change when everything else does. Your wedding photographs are those memories.

For all of us, our wedding day is an once-in-a-lifetime affair. And so are the moments of this occasion. Moments that will turn into memories.

Consider a few things before making a decision about how much to spend...

The wedding place will have to be vacated in a day.

The decorations will last for a day or two

Our wedding dress we will wear possibly once in a couple of years.

The guests, relative and friends will all go their own ways.

But the photographs of your wedding will stay with you for your lifetime. Relatives and friends who couldn't attend will see and talk about your wedding through FB, Twitter, G+ any such social cast. Images on Picasa, Flickr etc can stay up on the web for generations.

So choose well and spend as much as you are comfortable with, but let the importance of your memories be a significant player in that decision.

We would want 50% of the payment in advance and the rest of the amount during the coverage at the day of the event.

Hmm. Good question. Statistically speaking, since we started shooting pictures under the brand-name Candid Moments, it has never once happened, that we failed to show up. That does not mean it can never happen. What if we fall severely ill on your wedding date? Or if the only flight to a particular city gets cancelled because of any reason? Though we don’t have a ‘proven’ answer to what we do in such rare scenarios, we will first try to make sure someone is able to do an awesome photography at your wedding or if in the rare of rarest scenario (which may never arise, god forbid), nothing works out, will refund full amount.

However if by the above question, what you really imply is, what if we ‘intentionally’ don’t show up; what if we are fraudsters; well, in that case you are pretty much screwed! What else! Your money is gone and you are left with no candid photographer to shoot. You should find us. And kill us. Shoot us rather – because we failed to shoot you :P

We believe in value for money and you have our assertions that the final images will stand above the competitors.

This will depend on your requirement and the services availed by you from us.

In case of photography you will receive fully processed photos from our end in a DVD format.

In case of videography you will receive edited videos in a DVD format.

In case of a coffee table book album you will receive a fully customized designed and printed album.

The average delivery time frame can range anywhere from four to seven weeks, depending on the time of the year and the schedule.

It's simple... really! The first step is to confirm the booking, at which point we want to know more about you and your plans for the day – how you see it happening, general schedule etc.

The next step is to meet, face-to-face. We try to see the wedding through your eyes, what are you looking forward to from the pictures, what you want from us and what can we give you. We want to know about the people and events important to you, detailed schedules etc.

We want to ensure that you as models (for the day) and we as cameramen are totally at ease with each other. Remember, your wedding day is a performance and you're on stage with the spotlight. So, you must be comfortable with the camera coz that's when we'll be able to deliver the super-hit images. And for that if we need to meet many more times, so be it.

So talk to us, laugh with us or at us, but be at ease and tell us what's in your heart. We want to bring that out in pictures.

We have our own style of shooting that you know and have seen. While we welcome creative suggestions, we prefer not to be instructed or given directions about which shots to capture or not and how to shoot them. We understand family members have their opinion and only want what's best for you. But we're also on the same team.

While we try our best not to say no, it severely impacts our ability to capture a good candid photograph of your moment that is slipping by.

Reception meet-n-greet stage shots are not part of candid photography. The regular studio photographer is the right person for those shots.

You are free to make copies of the photographs shot by us and circulate amongst friends and family – however, you shall not have the right to use photographs shot by us for any commercial purposes (such as using them in photo-competitions, selling them etc.)

Candid Moments shall have intellectual property rights over all the pictures that are shot

Candid Moments shall retain the rights to use some of the pictures that are shot during your wedding / other events, to showcase our work to other prospective clients or to participate in photo competitions or for any other relevant purpose (will not use any picture that you don’t want us to – will use only those which are okay with you)

No one should be instructing us during the shoot to shoot this and shoot that – while we don’t say no to anyone, it severely impacts our ability to capture good candid photographs (best is, introduce us to about ten / twelve key people and then get busy with your wedding)

Reach out to us on phone / in person. We are as eager to hear as you are to tell.

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